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Preparation, maximising training programmes and training tips

Updated: May 18, 2018

Creating the right stimulus for muscle growth or fat loss. Explaining what the main focus is of each programme and how to chose the correct one for you and your goals. How to progress step by step.

To gain muscle it is essential to follow these simple rules:-

(1) Ensure you are eating a minimum of 200 Kcals above what you are using each day.

(2) Use resistance training as the main stimulus to create muscle growth.

(3) Form is the primary focus in lifting weights (not lifting heavy weights).

(4) Having rest days is very important for recovery and growth.

(5) Being patient is essential as its a marathon not a sprint. It takes a long time for your body to adapt.

For weight loss and toning follow these simple rules:-

(1) Ensure you are eating a minimum of 200 Kcals below what you are using each day.

(2) Being consistent with your diet and training.

(3) Using a mix of weight/resistance training and cardio.

(4) Don't focus on the weighing scales as its not the best indicator of progress.

(5) Keep things fun and interesting by trying new sports/activities

Earlier today one of my clients asked me "why bother training legs???“, now he partly said this as he was slightly frustrated, and venting his frustration. I explained to him the reasons, got him refocused and finished off smashing his leg session, but his question stayed with me and the fact that leg day seems to be the day most avoid for what ever reason. So this led me to writing this blog topic as to why you should be training legs and not avoiding them. (1) Plain and simple, you don't want to be the person with a solid full upper body, with an awesome set of pipes with no legs or arms bigger than your legs, it looks ridiculous, and stood next to someone with a good set of calves you look like a pussy, plain and simple. (2) Overall body development, by training legs with heavy compound exercises like squats, there is a temporary increase in hormone production, some studies have shown that doing very heavy Barbell back squats, can ramp testosterone levels by as much as 10 times normal levels while performing the exercise and a short time after. This has the potential to have a kick back to other muscle groups that are recovering.

(3) Training legs teaches you fortitude, intensity, fighting through pain barriers and dedication, all these things are important if you are serious about training and building your body, if you can fight through the pain of your quads and hamstring being on fire and squeeze out 5 more reps, then working your other muscles will be a walk in the park, well sort of lol! (4) It helps longevity and health of the knees and hips. Now I know what you are thinking, that squats, deadlifts and leg presses are all going to wreck your knees and hips, but not so. If you focus and refine your technique instead of the weight, building the weight up slowly and gradually, these lifts and exercises can increase surrounding muscles, crucially reducing the load on the joint. Under challenging loads the body will secrete Calcium that can help fortify the bones and joints directly involved, many Scandinavian countries like Sweden are starting to use squats and deadlifts for treatment in osteoporosis in middle/older age women, and so far showing very promising results. So next time you say that you don't squat because of bad knees in most cases I'm calling BS on that. So what can you take away from this - train your legs whether or not they are capable of being pushed to the max, or if you have issues with hips or knees then you can still train them but focus on rehabilitation, or increasing range of movement and functional ability, no excuses no BS no limits.

Why train legs???? #Whytrainlegs

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