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Why You Are Unique

We are all unique and we are all different and that fact should be respected and celebrated, but why is it when we come to the health and fitness industry, we have to fit a lab or a modality to achieve or reach a goal???. The main reason for this in my mind is to create money on a mass scale. I'm sure you've seen ads like - 'which of 3 body types are you ??? Take our quiz and find out, so we can give you the plan to lose all your fat and build tons of muscle'. Let me start off by saying its F@#KING BULL S#@T, it's there to make you think it's scientific and will work for you, but science has proven the 3 body types are just nonsense, 100% fact.

So the reason I'm bumping my gums about people's differences and uniqueness is that there are great tools to changing your body, to losing fat and building muscle. The problem with discovering your uniqueness is it's mainly trial and error. It takes time, but the reward for your time and effort is figuring out exactly what works best for you, once you know what does and what doesn't work for you, your progress will rocket ahead.

So what I mean by differences is:- what percentage of your muscles are type 1 (slow moving good endurance), type 2 (fast and explosive reduced endurance). I've had clients who's biceps are type 1 and who's triceps are type 2, so when doing bicep curls they lifted light weight very slow and controlled and then, doing tricep extensions heavy under control but quicker and less reps. It's the reason why there are so many different diets or way to eat to lose weight or bulk up, because everyone is different and react differently - someone who eats keto, can be full of energy, sleeps amazing and feels great whilst another person can try keto and feel tired, no energy, sick and have head aches. NO ONE SYSTEM WORKS FOR EVERYBODY. I can't say it any simpler than that,  there are studies showing that you can have two people, both eat a doughnut and shortly after eat a rasher of bacon, did you know one person could have a huge insulin spike from the doughnut and the other person has no spike in insulin, but then when both eat the bacon the person who didn't react to the doughnut, could have an insulin spike of bacon that contains no carbs but it's how their body reacts to fat, so that being said how do you know whats right for you ???.

In my experience the best way to figure out what is right for you and to save you time, work with a coach as they have a lot of experience and know the signs, from training and feed back from the client that indicates their bodies favoured stimuli. Outside of working with a coach try everything if you enjoy it, feel better, feel happier, sleep and recover well, mood stable and happy most of the time, skin looks healthy, eye colour bright, even regular normal toilet habits are all signs,  focus on health if you feel and look healthy normally the other goals you are looking for will fall into place, if you are interested in being the best you that you can be and feel incredible go to:-

Even if you just contact us, a conversation can change everything!

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