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Running - it's the first thought, or the go to way, to start exercising, or the best way to lose weight, But is it ???. Don't be so sure there are many things to consider, for example what are you trying to achieve? if you want to lose weight then lifting weights has been proven to get better results quicker and safer. I know that doesn't seem possible but look at it this way, running and similar cardio exercise burns calories at an increased rate while you are doing the exercise, once you stop you stop burning them at that increased rate and return to normal. With weight or resistance training you increase the use of calories while training, but, due to the muscle damage you create your body uses more calories to help repair and recover, as a result of that repair you will increase the size of the muscle (adding new lean muscle), this muscle needs and uses calories even when you are not doing anything, so you will burn more calories more of the time by weight or resistance training.

You've taken up running to increase your health and try to be as healthy as possible. I'm a firm believer that a small amount of cardio is good for heart health, circulation and respiratory health, these are very important but can be achieved with in a short period of time. Anything over 40mins and multiple times a week can reduce your overall health. When you take part in long duration cardio your body produces free radicals, and free radicals will damage normal healthy cells, which is the complete opposite to maximising your health.

You have started running because its simple and cheap, unfortunately wrong again, running isn't simple, so many people I've worked with and coached, CAN NOT run correctly due to tightness imbalances and poor posture, and without the correct techniques and measurements it will only get worse leading to injury. As for cheap, the average pair of middle to long distance running trainers, fitted correctly and specifically for you, are £60-£120 and need to be changed regularly if you are running frequently. So not as cheap and as straight forward as you first thought.

What should you do ??? Figure out the exact reason why you want to start exercising, whether it's to lose weight, build muscle, get fit and healthy or a mix of them all, then pick a way to exercise or a sport you enjoy. If you enjoy doing it you are far more likely to keep doing it, that's what will get results consistently. Just make sure you get the right equipment, whether it's proper fitted trainers, or joining a good gym, look to start off small and build up gradually as your results will be better, and reduce the likelihood of injury as much as you can from correct practices of warm ups, correct form and techniques of exercises. Even working with a coach or trainer can make the world of difference especially at the start.

Try getting 20 mins of cardio in (not walking as walking is not cardio) - a bit intense but not excessive, that's the sweet spot, and is easily achievable - why not check out our BLITZ20 coaching, go to,

for full info and demo video 👍

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