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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The first thing most people normally do when trying to lose weight is drastically cutting calories, this is a common mistake people make thinking it will speed up their weight loss, and initially, yes it will, but soon your body will adapt and get used to the lower calories and will no longer provide weight loss, unless you cut calories once more. As this cycle repeats it becomes harder and harder to do.

A better approach is to first find out how many calories you need day to day to not lose or gain any weight, you can do this with online calorie calculators and a bit of trial and error, once you know how many calories you nee, aim to eat 150-300 calories less than that a day, for example say your number is 2000 to stay the same don't drop below 1700cals a day until weight loss process stops for 7-10 days, then lower it again to continue weight loss.

Normally the second most common mistake is people exercising excessively, thinking that it will once again speed everything up, the main thing to remember is the body can adapt to almost anything, so if you do as much as you can straight away how can you surpass it to get further progress???, simple you probably can't.

So this is a simple one, start off slow with a manageable target, say two days a week for no more than 45-60 mins you do a workout, and on one to two other days go for a walk, hike or group activity and build it up from there - start simple.

Eating a bland and boring diet that has very little or no flavour - well actually it's not flavourless its mainly down to eating hyperpalatable processed foods that numb taste buds, so when you eat natural foods they seem almost flavourless. By taking these processed foods out of your diet for a while and cut out sugary drinks, it will allow your taste buds to adjust and experience the true flavours from "healthy foods". Also use a small amount of condiments if you like, salt and pepper even flavourings for meats, as long as there isn't a huge amount of them used it wont effect your diet. Keep it interesting and enjoyable you should look forward to food.

So many assume that running or cycling are the best ways to lose weight but that's simply not true, there have been several studies showing weight/resistance training actually yields far better results. But dont worry if you don't like lifting weights, just because something is optimal doesn't mean its right for you. I recommend you do whatever activity you enjoy because you are more likely to do them more often, frequency gets far better results.

Have you considered your health??? Or have you only been focused on losing the weight??? By making your health the focus and not weight loss, trying to feel as awesome as possible. Find out what foods suit your body, how to manage stress and anxiety, start trying to get consistent 7 hours or more sleep. I can guarantee you, if you are doing thes and feel healthier, you will look healthier and as a byproduct you will lose weight. Why just look great? Feel great as well, health is wealth.

Have you ever heard someone attributing their extra body fat to eating carbs or sugary foods and drinks??? It's a part truth, so it's not carbs, fats or sugar making people fat it's consuming excessive calories and doing little to no exercise over a prolonged period of time. Refined carbs can cause an insulin spike making you hungrier, leading to eating more as with sugar, with fat it does stem hunger but is far higher in calories so small amounts add up quick, 1g of carbs = 4cal, 1g of protein = 4cal, 1g of fat = 9 cal, knowing this can help guide your nutrition to not over consuming.

Calories in or out change your weight end of.

Hope this blog has helped shine some light on mistakes you may have made and how to correct them, if you would like to talk to us directly about your weight loss journey or how we could possibly help, use the website messenger or email us at

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