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What Happens When Weight Loss Stalls?

What happens when weight/fat loss stalls and how do you get the ball rolling again???

In my experiance most people do one of two things:-

1) Get fed up or annoyed and give up altogether, eat all the foods that they feel they have been missing out on, and continue this behaviour until they find the will to try again or just never start again.

2) Restrict calories even further, increase their activity even more, and when they don't lose anymore they restrict even further until they are eating next to nothing and training all the time. 

Neither one of these approaches works AT ALL. You should never make a snap decision on dieting protocols. I personally weigh myself every day first thing after using the toilet, before I eat or drink anything, giving my true weight. This will indicate to me very accurately on weight fluctuations, for example, if I way 87kg Monday morning and if I weight 89kg Tuesday morning I know I'm retaining water for some reason as you CAN NOT gain 5lbs of muscle or fat in one day, its IMPOSSIBLE. So by having that indicator helps me understand what my body is doing and how I'm handling foods in my diet. The scales are a TOOL, nothing more, they shouldn't be the goal, as if you have built some muscle you would weigh more than if you haven't built muscle, but you would look fitter and healthier, I would always use photos and how clothes fit to be the deciding factor for you on your physique.

So back to the topic at hand (I know I know I ramble), so my advice is if your weight loss has stopped dead and it hasn't changed for a week, you have monitored your weight daily in that time so then you are going to either, have one day where you're still eating healthily but going to drastically increase the volume of foods in each meal, and snacks or have your planned meals as normal and then adding an extra meal that is way off the plan, pizza, burger and chips, burrito, try to stay away from just sugary things like a huge ice cream sundae as you want to have some nutrition benefits. You will notice that you will feel quite warm, probably sweat a bit, can notice a change in mood and energy, sometimes good sometimes bad.

Now you may initially notice a gain in weight, this will be mainly water weight, as its helping your digestive system get through your re-feed day or meal its nothing to worry about after a few days of getting back on your plan, weight loss should restart. If weight remains the same add another day of re-feeding and reduce calories on your plan by 50-100 per day, as a male you should diet below 1500cals a day and female 1200cals a day, unless under strict supervision from a professional. DONT neglect fat as it stems hunger and is vital for health.

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