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The Secrets of Dieting and Which Approach is Optimal


What is the true secret to diet or long term weight loss and what approach is best, with so many different approaches whether it be keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, calorie restriction or one of the many others it's hard to know which one will work for you, and get you the results you desperately want.

Half the battle is truly understanding what the information on each diet strategy is actually saying, and more often than not marketers will use clever wording and buzz words that make it seem like what they are advising is the optimal and best way to get rid of that unwanted fat.

Just to prove my point and help shine some light on what I mean we will take KETO dieting for example. Now be before we get into it I'm not hitting on keto, I believe keto is a very good tool used in the right way for the right person, BUT it is often advertised or put forward as the ultimate method to make your body burn more fat. Now here is the kicker - it does actually help burn more fat, BUT the reason it does this is because you are EATING MORE FAT, as it's 60 - 70% of the macro nutrients of the diet method.

So it stands to reason you will burn more fat if you are eating more fat, and, with the clever marketing I touched upon, yes you're burning more fat but that's DIETARY fat, nothing has been said about BODY FAT, so the reality is that the marketing and advertising is based on a half truth, you do burn more fat BUT only due to your intake of dietary fat being greater, not that you are burning more body fat with this method.

So back to the purpose of this article (sorry for rambling), what is the SECRET when it comes to losing weight? I believe it comes down to 5 things that guarantee your diet success:-

1) BEING CONSISTENT - consistency is a huge part if you can perform day after day, time after time, your results will speak for themselves. Forget crash diets as they can't be maintained (and are not good for your health), you may loose 5lbs in a week doing it but it will soon slow down, then try losing weight when your eating 600calories a day (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)

2) CALORIES ARE KING - now there is some debate as to whether calories or macro nutrients play the main roll in weight loss, but calories are the ones to watch for over all body weight loss and a change in body weight, macro nutrients will change how you look at that body weight (lean, muscular, soft etc). In terms of calories, it's important to work out the calories you need to remain at your day to daybodyweight, then reduce that amount by 150 - 250 calories a day, (eg - daily need =2000 cal a day to remain the same weight so reduce to 1750 calories a day), once weight loss has stopped then recalculate.

3) STAY ACTIVE - no matter what it is, it doesn't have to be in a gym or hard core, it can be things as simple as going for a walk each day, swimming, even playing sports with your kids, a recent study (2015 I think 🤔) showed that people who fidgeted actually used about 170calories a day more than people who didn't fidget!

4) REDUCE YOUR STRESS - we all know what stress feels like and we all know stress isn't good for our health full stop, so by activiley looking to reduce your stress, or finding techniques that help manage it, will not only make you feel better but will certainly speed up your weight loss journey. I often try helping my clients by teaching them how to manage and prioritise different forms of stress and also techniques like a bed time diary, to ensure their bodies' main focus is to drop the pounds.

5) THERE IS NO PERFECT WAY - what I mean by this is that non of the methods are superior than another, what does really matter is which one fits and suits your lifestyle the best, that's what is most important, because if that methods suits you and you enjoy doing it and keep some element of normality to your life, that is the perfect method for YOU, because you are able to stick to it, being consistent and you enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, there is a good amount of discipline and will power still needed, but you make things so much easier by following a plan that allows you to be you.

If you are thinking about working with a PT or a coach, remember firstly they are not dietitians or nutritionalists, these people have an elite level of knowledge and will always get you far better results, especially where health is concerned, using diets to help cure or reduce conditions such as diabetes, heart disease etc, so unless they have those qualifications (which you can ask to see evidence of) be mindful of any medical conditions you have. In relation to any nutrition advice you're given if a trainer tells you THIS IS THE ONLY OR ULTIMATE WAY TO GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT, they're full of sh#t. A good trainer/coach knows everyone is different and will be able to use and suggest a variety of methods to suit their client.

I hope this has provided some insight and will help with your own weight loss or fitness journey. If you have any questions or even your own opinions please feel free to post your comments here, and please checkout our services and products as we work very hard to find the right system for you to reach your goal 💪😎👌

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