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Lifting your one rep max, what does it prove???

The amount of people I see these days in the gym, loading up a bar or machine with as many plates as possible, for the purpose of lifting it once. Now when I see events like these I immediately think 'what are they doing this for'?, then I turn my focus to their form. Let me make it clear from the start, I'm not judging anyone and how they train, I am just asking myself 'why are they using a 1rm (rep max) in relation to their training and their goals'? For example, if the person wants to increase muscle size and get bigger, 1rm training is useful, maybe, once every 6-12 weeks so that they can train with 65-75% of their 1rm, as 99% of the time that's the load they should be using for that stimulus.

Even power lifters aren't training with loads above 85% of their 1rm, most of the time they are training the movement more than trying to lift 100% of their 1rm, during their build up to an event or peak in their training program.

So consider this, instead of just doing a 1rm just because you're feeling like he-man that day or there are some pretty girls who you think you can impress, STOP - there is a time and a place, don't do it just because, do it to help your program and progress at structured times, by training smarter, reducing your chance of injury and fully allowing your muscles, ligaments, joints and nervous system to recover. You will be able to push yourself harder.

If you want a structured plan that fits your goals, needs and get results that can be done in a gym, outside or at home, visit our online store and start moving towards where you want to be, how you want to feel, and, look even better than you can imagine.

Hope you found this brief blog useful and any feedback or input is greatly appreciated, keep your eyes peeked as their will be more shortly.

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