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Fasting for Health NOT Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Fasting done correctly can be a very effective tool for maximizing your health. If we look at every religion on the planet, most mention or incorporate some element of fasting in their practices. Fasting has been a part of human life as long we have been around, even when we lived in caves do you really think food was highly available all the time ??? If you do then go camping in the wild away from everyone, and see how much food you can find or catch in a week, good luck.

There does seem to be a bit of a trend at the moment with people advising or recommending fasting for weight loss. Firstly I want to say I am a massive fan of fasting, iI incorporate fasting every month, purely for health NOT WEIGHT LOSS. By fasting i'm giving my digestive system a well deserved break, also I'm allowing old cells to die off. Hunger resets and increases my mental clarity and many many more things on top. So the health element of fasting is amazing, but if you are doing it for weight loss, essentially, you are purposely starving yourself, much like someone with an eating disorder!!! Would you recommend to a young girl or boy to starve themselves so they lose lots of weight??? I highly doubt it, so why is it any better for an adult to do that, simple it's NOT, it creates a very poor relationship with food that could get worse.

Weight loss is, believe it or not, simple, eat less calories than you use per day you will lose weight, 150-350 calories under is the sweet spot. More calories in than you use you will gain weight, everyone should know how to eat healthy and if you don't, go to:- 

Come and talk to us and get the results you want, easier, faster and healthier than you thought possible, please feel free to contact us even if it's just a general question on health, fitness, stress or even life hacks.

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