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Will a plan work for me?

How do you know if a training plan or diet plan will work for you and get you the results want???,

Firstly, does it align with your goals, so if you are looking to lose weight does the plan aim at putting you in a calorie deficit ??? Or enough training volume to help use more energy???.

If it does neither then you are NOT going to lose weight so it's not the right plan for you, simples! 👍

Secondly, do you enjoy it? For a while now it seems people have been trying to follow the mantras of "GO HARD OR GO HOME", "TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME" but does it really work. If you don't like a particular way of training are you going to give it your all??? NO you aren't. If you hate chicken are you going to stick to your diet of mostly chicken?

NO you aren't, you will never stick at something that you don't enjoy - FACT! So by designing a program you do enjoy you are far more likely to do it more often, increasing your consistency and CONSISTENCY is the REAL secret to success no matter what your goal.

Thirdly, and finally, does it fit your life???, it's all well and good having the best will in the world but if you can't maintain it or follow it daily the program isn't going to work. For example - if the thought of breakfast turns your stomach and you can't eat first thing, how are you going to do that day after day??? Or you enjoy food and flavour is really important to you, so why stuff down chicken. broccoli and rice 4 times a day, it doesn't make sense.

So remember when choosing a plan that you are looking to stick to consider those 3 simple rules, more often than not generic plans won't work for you, so having a plan more detailed and designed to your needs increases your chance of SUCCESS massively 💪😎👌.

Please feel free to post your comments if you have any questions or input or even point out if I have missed something, or you disagree with what I'm saying, no judgement just free speech uncensored and no BS 😉👌

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