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2 Large ripe banana's

2 whole eggs

1 Tsp of honey

1/2 of organic multi purpose flour

1 Tsp of vanilla extract

1 Tsp of baking power

1 Cup of almond milk

EXTRA INGREDIENTS (personal choice)

1/2 Cup of chocolate chips

1 Cup of mixed berries or fruit

2 Rashers of bacon

2 Scoops of ice cream


1) Peel and mash banana's in to paste, add both whole eggs to mashed banana and mix together thoroughly.

2) Add almond milk to the mix and then stir in flour ensuring no lumps or clumps remain.

3) Add all other ingredients to smooth mixture and stir in well, once all added bring pan to heat, you can use a small amount of butter to lubricate pan, use 1/2 cup measurement to add mix to centre of the pan.

4) Once lightly browned on underside flip and repeat, other ingredients can be added at this stage depending on personal preference.

5) If you're making a large stack keep plate and first pan cakes in the oven on a light temperature to keep warm.

NUTRITION (Whole Batch)

410 Calories

18g Protein

20g Fat

35g Carbs

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