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Training and Leisurewear Reviews

Updated: May 18, 2018

Quality Zoodie with our unique customisable logo

All of our training and leisurewear is high quality and designed for both optimum results and also attractive designs, with our unique logo as an added bonus.

We would greatly value any feedback any of our customers/members are willing to give us, please feel free to post on this page.

Personally we train in our clothing in our different disciplines, weightlifting, cardio, running and muscle building and can testify to its quality and great functionality.

I recently wore the Tridri Tec Panelled Tee Shirt in the Pendine Sands Half Marathon, in howling wind and driving rain, it was perfect, keeping me dry by wicking out my sweat but keeping the rain off me. Its' light, flexible and soft texture make it perfect for training and competing in all weathers.

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