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The Three Most Important Words in Fitness

As a personal trainer and a training enthusiast, I learnt fairly early on that there are 3 very important words linked to you and your clients success, and reaching the goals that have been set out.

The first is CONSISTENCY, to get the results you or your client desires you have to put in the work day in day out, you can't expect to go to the gym for a couple of months and look like the Hulk, or diet Monday till Friday and then eat a mountain of junk food, Friday till Monday and expect to lose weight and have abs. It doesn't work like that, but also remember if you are putting in the work and effort day after day week after week, have the odd reward or slip here or there. 1 chocolate bar a week won't wreck you weeks of hard work, keep perspective as long as you're doing 85% of what you should be doing, you will get away with 15% plus, that will also help with the next important word.

ADHERENCE, adherence is a real buzz word to me as I feel it's so important, especially when it comes to your PT clients, think about it, even if you design the most effective training and nutrition programs, if they can't adhere to them, or if they don't fit their lifestyle, how likely is it they will stick to it for the time necessary. The answer is they won't, the most effective structure or program is the one that you or your client can adhere to, without it feeling like a constant up hill battle, and if it doesn't feel like a struggle and a huge amount of effort they are far more likely to stick to the plan longer, improving their chances of succeeding.

Finally ENJOYMENT, as simple as it sounds enjoyment is so important to any part of the process, whether it's losing weight, building muscle or increasing fitness ,enjoyment has to be a part of it, the fitness journey for most of us is 90% of the time, and if you're lucky 10% is reaching and beating your goal, if your goal hasn't changed along the way (which in most cases it will), so keep enjoyment as high as possible and enjoy the journey you go on as it can be a long, winding, fulfilling, frustrating, expensive, mad and beautiful journey that will teach you more about yourself than you realise.

I hope this bunch of words helps and inspires you and others, to keep moving forward to the goals you desire and to be mindful on the reality of success.

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