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The Supplement Scam

Whether it's protein shakes, fat burners, Pre-workout or any of the hundreds of the bull sh*t products being sold, trying to convince you that you need this product and won't achieve what you want without it. Let me just say I personally think 99.9% of ALL supplements out there world wide, are sh*t and the only gains they provide is to the creators or companies bank balances.

It's a massive grey area in terms of being regulated, companies who make supplements have very little rules to comply with, let alone that what they are producing quite often have large amounts of sweeteners or fillers to bulk the product out, also in some cases, protein spiking certain products. What I mean by 'protein spiking' is the protein level in a protein shake is often measured by the amount of nitrogen in the product, so to cheat the test, instead of using more processed protein, they add nitrogen, giving the product a higher protein concentration - on face value.

Issues like protein spiking are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more problems and issues like this in the health and fitness industry, which really angers me. I totally believe in health and fitness it's my passion, my hobby and to a point, my life. It has given me more than I could ever describe, not just my health or a six pack, it has taught me patience, perspective, work ethic, drive and determination, just to name a few, and these products and companies are high-jacking, warping and outright lying about what is possible and targeting people who are to the point of desperation, to look and be a certain way for what ever reason (there are so many), and by this dishonesty and targeting these vulnerable people, it's casting a dark shadow over the industry.

The products I get asked about most frequently are fat burners, mass gainer shakes, meal replacement shakes and pre-workout. Now fat burners in my opinion 99% are just super high doses of caffeine, that you will soon become used to losing there effect, and why are you thinking of taking them in the first place???, is your diet/nutrition spot on everyday??? Are you sleeping enough and reducing stress??? My guess is NO you're not. The main people I feel who gain any benefit from these fat burner supplements, are people who are competing on stage and are looking for help to lose that last 1-3% of body fat. If you are not in that position then don't waste your money. Mass gainer shakes why??? Why do you need a shake containing 500cals plus, in fact why do you need protein shakes full stop??? If you need more calories, protein, carbs or fat just use real food, you will have far better gains and results from real food believe me. If you are someone who really struggles with appetite then yeah, ok, shakes could be an option, but you can also make your own real food shakes, (see YouTube for recipes), the same method could be an option for people recovering from an eating disorder, but speak to your doctor before using these products. To everyone else man/woman up and get cooking!

Meal replacement shakes - now I hate this one more than the rest as it's sold as a diet supplement, why would you EVER replace a real whole nutritious food meal with a powdered pile of sh*t? If you do use them look at it this way, if you have lost weight from them, soon as you eat normal food again it will all come back on, there are no quick fixes, that's the truth, eat a well balanced diet that is geared to the goals and results you want, by working with a professional you can save yourself a lot of time, work and money.

Finally Pre-workout now I'm not denying some are very well designed, and do help focus Energy can even help give a better muscle pump, but if you use Pre-workout everytime you train you will get used to it, and you will lose the benefit of it's true purpose. Pre-workout would be better used the days you are struggling for energy and motivation to train, use it as a pick me up to get you going and get you through your session, NOT EVERY SESSION, also be mindfull of the level of caffeine in Pre-workout, some are very high and can have a negative impact on your ability to train.

So to summarise (in my opinion) 99% of all supplements are sh*t, don't buy in to the magazine hype, or the PAID athlete who attributes all his success to these supplements, the reality is these people are using far stronger supplements than just protein powders.

If you're looking to gain weight, eat more. if you're looking to lose weight eat less, it's that simple and if you want more detailed results then do as much research as possible, or pay a professional to do all the work for you. I promise it will save you a ton of money and time, instead of you wasting your time trying every bullsh*t fad diet going, BUT PLEASE no matter what your goal or what you are try to achieve, put your HEALTH FIRST, it's all well and good looking the part but if you feel like crap all the time what's the point, EAT SLEEP TRAIN AND FEEL AWESOME.


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