My Journey - The Fat, The Thin, The Healthy

Updated: May 18, 2018

The reality that a lot of personal trainers, coaches and even representatives in the health and fitness industry is that they have never had the same struggles as 90% of the people they are trying to help. It's all well and good trainers and professionals say they understand and know how it feels but do they???, in my experience it's rare you have a PT that used to be very fat or even know what it's like working a shift based job, and trying to fit training in with Meal prep and family life and all the other things that need you're attention/time.

My personal transformation started around mid 2009 this picture was just before then -

A good reason to start on your personal training journey with us, read Richards story
This is Richard our Personal Trainer 10 years ago, before he started training

I was around 21 stone at my heaviest, and what this photo doesn't tell you is how depressed I was and hated life, now lets be clear I had a normal up bringing I wasn't overly bullied or had any major trauma in my life to make me feel this way, the simple truth was I was unhappy with how I looked, also between working a very demanding shift based job the 40+ cigarettes a day, binge junk food sessions and when work allowed me to drink I would to the point I would pass out, and very little sleep on top of all of this it's no wonder I looked how I did and felt how I did.

It got so bad that 4days after the above photo was taken I was planning on take my own life, I felt alone and completely helps with no hope in sight. I want to stress how depression is a serious thing and it can effect you in ways you can't control or expect. Thankfully I had a moment of clarity just a moment, but in that moment I told myself 6MONTHS just give it 6months and if I haven't or couldn't change anything about myself or my situation then I would carry out what I had planned.

The next day I starting looking online at ways too lose weight and diets and exercise and programmes, and very quickly got swallowed in the information over load of fitness, I struggled to see the wood from the trees but eventually I went with a low carb diet structure with a mix of long duration cardio and weight training, no particular plan or goal in place 18months later I lost about 10stone,

I'm sure a lot of you will think I'm happy and healthy in this picture but believe me I was far from either, firstly due to how I ate and trained I screwed my hormones over big time, a 11year old girl probably had higher test levels than me here, my joints hurt and even had pancreas and kidney issues all due to almost no carbs for over 8months and chronic fatigue from over training and under fueling, also that I had turn into a skinny-fat (someone who is thin or slim everywhere except their belly), this is only made worse by the fact I'm 6 foot 3 so it really highlighted my pot belly even more.

My answer to this was to suck my belly in everywhere I went no matter who I was with even if I was on my own, instead of looking at the root of the problem I decided to cover it up with a quick fix.

I soon realised I had gone from one end of the scale to the other from extremely fat and unhealthy and unhappy to extremely thin and unhealthy and unhappy.

By this point I was completely bought into all the bull sh@t this amazing industry has to offer, that is there only to make a fast buck off people and screw what happens to them after that or because of it.

It was not until I started focusing on health instead of visual everything started to click into place, and the more I looked into the science and medical angle the more everything made sense, and my plan and goals became clear.

I need to build muscle plain and simple by doing so I would seem less lanky, look better and feel more confident and also that by having more lean muscle mass my body needs more calories on a day to day basis so when I came to dieting back again, it would be much easier to lose the excess weight (the pot belly).

Don't get me wrong hind sight is a wonderful thing and if I focused on building muscle at the start I have no doubt I would be a lot further along with my goal then and now, but by things happening the way they did gives me a huge insight on what other people go through, and how I can help and advise them through my own personal experiences as well as the knowledge I have acquired.