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Coffee - Good or Bad?

Is coffee killing your gains or stopping your progress with weight loss, being healthy or building muscle.

Before you think it's just another BS article on how something I enjoy is bad for me wait, like you I love coffee, it's a daily part of my life that I enjoy. Yes i dont use milk or sugar due to intolerances, but now i only have decaf. I know what you're thinking - what's the point of coffee without caffeine in it??? Well if you're experiencing adrenaline fatigue there's a massive point to it.

Do you struggle to sleep???

Are you someone who works non stop and exercises very intensely all the time???

Do you feel tired and run down most of the time regardless of how much sleep you have??? Have you stopped making progress in the gym or weightloss has stalled for no reason???

You could be experiencing adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is far more common than most people think and once you're in this fatigued state caffeine only makes it worse, and most peoples response is to increase caffeine intake to give them more energy. It quickly becomes a vicious circle and the only way out is to slow things down, looking to reduce stress as much as possible with work and home life, exercising less intensely and resting more frequently and reducing all stimulants.

Be prepared as you might gain a little weight initially due to less activity and consuming more calories (healthy calories from healthy sources) but very shortly your body will settle, you will have more energy you will feel more rested and recharged your metabolism will work more efficiently and generally you will feel better.

So if you love coffee as much as me, no coffee is a scary thought, so by using decaf I could still have 80% of the drink I enjoy and get my health back on track. Within days of reducing caffeine I felt amazing. First day or two was hard with headaches and irritability but after the 2nd day I was wide awake felt great and within the first week lost 6 POUNDS (mainly water retention for internal stresses). There are even companies that caffeine soak their coffee so non of the flavour is lost SWISS SOAKED came highly recommended to me and it's amazing.

There are always options, never neglect your health for the sake of something you like, take the time to invest in yourself, if you dont have your health you have nothing.

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