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Richard Robbins.

Your Personal Trainer & Online Coach

I am a personal trainer VTCT Level 3 reps certified in Personal Training and Nutrition, based in Carmarthen, and have 15+ years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.
Whether online based, face to face in a local gym or anywhere convenient for my clients to achieve the best results.


Blitz20 is a fast paced 20 minute home based workout, comprising of body weight exercises to be performed back to back with minimal rest between. The aim is to complete as many rounds of these exercises as possible within 20 minutes.

For a one off payment of  £25 you get access to over 110 video sessions, nutrition guide sheets to help you construct and plan your nutrition easily to accelerate your results, and also free access to our live message group where you can talk to us 24/7 in regards to anything health, fitness or lifestyle related giving you 1 2 1 coaching, or access to other members directly, even create your own mini group s and compete with each other. There is also an easy to use calorie calculator.

Go to the Blitz20 page to subscribe




















I have worked with Richard for 8 wks on a nutrition and exercise plan. Having a neurological problem affecting my lower limbs meant I didn't  know how to improve my fitness and after having 3 children and not knowing how to exercise my weight had crept up. I also had low 

confidence and after a bad fall a few years ago I have lost confidence in my body. After hearing good reviews about Richard and basically 

hitting rock bottom with the pain and fear of falling I faced every day, I decided to give it a go and see if he could help. He really has. I have 

lost weight. He has taught me to listen to my body, using strategies to help build my muscles and improve my balance. I can move better and the number of falls I have has dropped significantly. I know my legs will never work properly but I now understand how to keep my body 

healthy and I can now do much more than I ever thought. I am going to keep training and see how far I can do. I know I still have a long way to go but I know with support I will achieve my goals.                                


                            BEFORE                                                   BEFORE                                           AFTER                                        AFTER


Following a recommendation from a work colleague I signed up for a twelve week block of weight training and  supplementary food and nutrition guide .
Not knowing what to expect and having not trained weights in twenty years i wasn't holding my breath for real results , i thought they were for 20 year olds . However after week two i started noticing small changes in my body ,energy levels and strengh . 
The gains continued all through the coaching block and all these small changes weekly added up to a very surprising change in the before and after pictures. 
we were focused on building size and strength and the end results were fantastic., Over the twelve weeks i managed to put on over a stone of great weight and went from  bench pressing  80kg max and 115kg deadlift to 130 kg bench press and 185 kg deadlift . 
i feel great! Richard is a master of his trade , his knowledge is second to none and the support he offers throughout is remarkable. 
I have just signed up to another 8 weeks, 4 of which will be a cut in weight. i can't wait so roll on the next challenge!
Highly reccomended


                     BEFORE                                                            AFTER                                                         AFTER


We offer inclusive 1 2 1 Personal Training & Diet Programmes :-

  • 8 week Beginner (2) PT sessions per week) - £440

  • 12 week Intermediate (2) PT sessions per week) - £675

  • 18 week Advanced (2) PT sessions per week) - £950

  • Face to Face 1 hour sessions - £25

  • 5 sessions paid in advance - £110

  • 10 sessions paid in advance - £200

  • 8 week intensive 1 2 1 Training & Nutrition Plan - £625

  • Discount for couples/groups

We also offer Full and detailed healthy eating plans/structure designed for any goal. Prices are:-

  • Standard Plan - £60

  • Intermediate Plan - £100

  • Advanced Plan - £150

All these packages are available for couples at 50% extra to the quoted prices above

Group sessions prices are subject to discussion depending on size, location etc

For more details, without obligation, call Richard for Personal Training/Dietary enquiries on 07786 966200 or email us at

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I am very passionate about health and fitness due to my own personal journey and struggle with body weight (view our Blog for more details).


As a personal trainer, I not only get you to reach your goals, I will teach you the ability to continue your journey without my assistance. I design programmes specifically and uniquely for each of my clients, and if required, am happy to offer my monitoring and feedback services.

We are also delighted to announce our association with Aspirations Outdoor Adventures who organise Boot Camps, Paintballing, Archery, assault courses and offer an expert masseuse service too. Follow the link and check them out 
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